What is it with fake tans?

As we are living across from one of the more popular nightclub pubs in the area, we get to observe the weekly spectacle of hen parties, with lots of fake tan, stiletto heels and heavy makeup. admittedly this is a bit of a generalisation but it is common enough to fall into my queue of cultural keynotes. Beyond the basic question of whether I consider it to be attractive, I find it interesting that so many young women are trying hard NOT to look Irish. If you look at the classic imagery we are shown of Irish women (long flowing red hair and pale complexions).. this seems to be the exact opposite! Maureen O’Hara these women are not.. but maybe that’s the point. Most Irish women I see have dark to black hair and pale complexions.. which makes sense given the climate and we know red hair is an adaptation to increase vitamin D intake in low sunlight conditions. Could it be that they have had these images thrown at them in television and the movies (mostly US Disney portrayals of Irish life) and so are looking to be more European or mediterranean..anything different?

Maybe its time we stop promoting stereotypes and publicise strong Irish women, from the modern musicians, business women, artists, writers, engineers.. and accept them as they are .. unique products of a long heritage and unique geography…..

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Canadian Irish holistic engineer
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