Its been over a year since we moved to Ireland and we slowly gain a better sense of the place.. This weekend we drove down to the the Hill at Tara, home of Irish High Kings for generations… I guess I was hoping for some connection.. but it was quiet, beautiful with stunning views… but no murmurs or signs …. just quiet. I suppose any of the old Tuatha de Danann are long gone, even if they lived for a thousand years.. but one can always hope

I asked how long it took to become “Irish”… I am thinking its probably about 10 years to become acclimated if you work at it.. the language, the music, the food… the stories…. but I’ll always be Canadian Irish… I don’t think I picked up a lot of American culture, even after decades.. at least if I compare myself around my contemporaries

The modern world is coming to a head… the capitalist/banker/imperialist elite lead by the US is in a last desperate attempt to conquer the world nad hates Russia for standing in the way… I don’t think its going to end well

I try not to dwell on it as there is nothing much I can do.. except learn about living in this land… learning its language.. and enjoying the sunshine and the soft rain…..

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Canadian Irish holistic engineer
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