Culture Wars

Migrant crisis

Anyone watching recent events in Europe and Southwest Asia has opinion about the waves of refugees fleeing Syria/Iraq/Libya brought on by imperial wars. People with compassion, still view with concern what the influx of large amounts of people with a different culture will do to the makeup of their country. I think this is a very valid concern but I don’t think the responses being discussed are the right ones.

The first question I think about is why would an influx of Muslims, whether from North Africa, SW Asia etc have such an impact on a European country like Ireland.  The bigger question is how strong is your culture?  I watched a show extolling the virtues of moving to Dubai where Irish regularly commented on how you did not cross cultural boundaries and rules or you would be deported.  This means that they actually have clear boundaries on which is acceptable in their culture and what is not and they protect it.  Countries support their own cultures to varying degrees but in reality most people here in Ireland and the UK, Canada etc refer living the Imperial culture.  As imperial subjects, such as the British Empire of the American Empire of Chaos, you are superior to others and you don’t need a “indigenous culture” because you are a citizen of the world.  You speak English, you watch American movies and British music and when you travel abroad, you expect people to serve you in the manner you are accustomed to. Expatriates like in communities like Dubai where they can pretend they don’t have slaves/maids by calling them “helpers”

So I believe that they first thing we all must do is throw off the imperial culture if we want to have anything worthy of protecting.  The UK and Ireland have 10 indigenous languages which capture the heart of the culture but most people ignore them even if they learned them in school.  If you are afraid of Sharia Law being imposed in Ireland, then maybe its time you dropped Imperial Law (English Common Law) for the native Irish Behon Law.  Maybe its time you stopped treating Irish culture as a tourist attraction and more as the beating heart of the country.  Culture doesn’t have to stagnate.  It is grounded in the geography, the weather, the location, the resources of a place with the traditions and practices but it can evolve.  I watched the recent festivals in Scotland and Ireland around the fire festivals and it gives me hope.


Samhain bonfire County Meath

So if you are concerned about Muslims taking over your world, start by stopping the invasions of their world and respecting and honouring your own culture.

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